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Ctel is one of the largest non-bank payment gateways within Australia. Ctel is a leading e-Commerce Solution Provider specialising in the design and delivery of robust and integrated Electronic Payment Solutions. Ctel has a large number of institutional and SME clients and partners. Ctel owns and operates its own 'Gateways' to the banking network, which are geographically redundant and maintained in secure data centres 24/7, offering banks, merchants and business partners and their customers security, reliability, and performance of the highest order. Our sophisticated transaction gateway is amongst the fastest in Australia, capable of completing a real-time transaction in 3 seconds, whilst applying the latest in encryption to ensure end-to-end data security.

Ctel Solutions

Ctel enables merchants and partners with the ability to accept electronic payments, using a myriad of cost-effective methods, allowing business to offer customers the flexibility and convenience of multiple payment options.

At Ctel we recognise that every business is unique with specific internal processes, systems, and requirements. To address this we have developed a myriad of robust and easy to use solutions.

Our extensive experience in the transaction market enables us to provide you and your partners with payment solutions that avoid unnecessary integration costs.

We support an extensive range of payment acceptance channels, including:

> Online (hosted / non hosted) payments
> Web Services API
> IVR and Pay-by-phone payments
> Batch and Real-time payments
> Desktop / Call Centre / MOTO
   (Mail Order/Telephone Order) payments
> IP EFTPOS (via Verifone EFTPOS terminals)

We also provide online reporting that ensures you always have access to up-to-date financial information that enables your business to integrate financial transactional data into existing business systems.

Reduced Labour Costs

Once implemented, your Ctel solution is automated to eliminate human intervention reducing your business's labour costs. Whether it's a pay-by-phone, web, or a batch service, your customers are able to make payments 24/7 without assistance. In addition, you can receive customised reports, which can be imported into your existing accounting systems. This gives you the benefit of automated reconciliation, with no manual input from your accounts personnel reducing labour costs and the likelihood of human error.

Control Over Your Finances

Having control over your finances puts you in control of your business. Ctel recognises this and offers you the option to process periodic payments through a direct debit facility. This gives you the ability to offer customers flexible payment arrangements, whilst ensuring that your business benefits from better cash flow management through accurate revenue forecasts.

Payments 24/7

With Ctel your business is always open for trading. All of Ctel 's payment services are fully automated, allowing your business to accept payments 24 hours a day, every day of the year. In addition to the financial savings your business is able to achieve by using these unmanned services, your customers enjoy flexibility to make payments at times convenient to them.

Transaction Results in 3 secs

Our transaction gateway deploys the latest in communications technology ensuring that your transactions are processed in the shortest time possible. Ctel connects to the Banking Network using high-speed dedicated lines, which make it possible for you to receive a response to real time transactions in 3 seconds.

Acquiring Banks and Card Issuers

Ctel has dedicated connections to the majority of Australian Acquirer Banks, enabling us to provide you with integrated payment solutions regardless of your financial institutions.

Ctel supports industry partners, merchants, and businesses by providing connectivity into St George, Bank SA, Commonwealth Bank, National Bank, Westpac, Bank West and ANZ. Subsidiaries of these banks include Bank of Melbourne, Challenge Bank, and Advance Bank.

Ctel also supports payments with all major credit card issuers such as Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Bankcard, and Diners Club.

Maximise Efficiency With Minimum Change

Ctel's suite of applications is designed to allow integration with your existing systems with minimum change to existing business processes, and without incurring substantial expenses. The implementation of a customised electronic payment solution is a simple process that delivers bottom line results so you can focus on your first priority - customer service.

Flexibility of Multiple Payment Methods

Whether it is a point-of-sale, pay-by-phone, on-line, or periodic payments, your business will have the power to accept multiple payment methods irrespective of your customer's preferred method or time.

Up-to-date Management Information

By receiving daily customised transaction reports you can be assured your business will always be well informed.  Furthermore, you will be able to access real time transaction information 24/7 using our online reconciliation service. This service allows you to build your own reports to download by selecting the required fields. With Ctel managing your transaction information is an effortless process, allowing you to make fast and well-informed business decisions.


No matter which of Ctel services your business elects to use, you can be confident that your transaction data is secure. Ctel 's entire transaction network is protected by the latest 128 bit -SSL encryption technology to ensure that your customer's details are protected at all times.

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